• Therapist- “T.” Hardley

    Looking to take your life back and beginning a life that doesn’t seem quite possible right now? 

    You don’t have to suffer anymore. 

     “I help you break free of the patterns you are stuck in. Relief is Possible. 

    I place equal importance on scientific based therapeutic practices and having an excellent relationship with each of my clients. My genuine and “real” approach supports you in the change you have come to therapy seeking.

    I specialize in supporting men and women in achieving relief from depression, anxiety and relationship issues. I have a depth of experience in working with child/adolescent issues, family conflict, and racial identity. 

    My Path to Becoming a Therapist

    Being a therapist has been my calling from an early age. I took some detours and have plenty of real-life experience overcoming challenges, which has been the cornerstone of my nonjudgmental and understanding approach. I am not the rigid, unrelatable academic type; sessions with clients include laughter, tears, growth, 

    About Working with Me 

    I can handle anything you can tell me, unconditionally, and without judgement. After listening, and truly hearing your story, we will design a treatment plan together. I have a variety of approaches and will share with your which treatments will best help you meet your treatment goals, and we’ll determine a direction.  I have a range of different treatments that we can choose from, together.
    Being human and relatable is key; sessions with clients include laughter, tears, growth, and most importantly….RELIEF. You do not have to suffer with depression, anxiety or relationship conflict endlessly.

    How My Core Values Shape My Approach to Therapy?

    I believe that my clients have wisdom within themselves. Effective therapy avoids advice-giving; it is walking beside the client on their journey, allowing them to find their own truth. 

    Let’s get started on your journey moving toward relief and a life that never quite felt possible before.